7 Figure Funnel

Anthony J Cullen
This is the exact funnel many of our clients have used to grow their businesses beyond 7 Figures.

In this Free course you will learn how to:

• install a 7 figure funnel in your business

• save $4-5k per month on pay per click or agency fees

• understand funnel metrics & how the numbers work

• set up your funnel (the granular details included)

• optimize your landing page

• create a mini value video presentation (with script also provided)

• qualify leads at bottom of funnel

• set up email automations (with scripts also provided)

You are not expected to understand everything in this Free course after watching it through once.

However, if you take it serious and watch through several times, you will have developed new skills to not only save you tens of thousands on agency fees, but to also grow your business exponentially.

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