John's Story

John first came to us when he was searching for a solution to figure out online marketing. He was finding it very difficult to figure out how does it all work. Dealing with all different kinds solutions but not able to define what he needed in his own mind

Putting up with general marketers selling shiny objects to ALL industries without any substance or depth about that industry

Listen to John's story (in his own words)

Then finally he decided to have a brief meeting with our team and sign right up.

A month later…

He had figured out how online marketing really works to got traction by locking into his niche. He began onboarding clients for $20,000+ each every month with his new Ignition system, and will systemically build his business this year with a new level of confidence.

John Sanchez from JAS & Co

Ron's Story

Ron first came to us when his lead generation was non existent. He was finding it difficult to plan the growth of his business. Dealing with not knowing where his next revenue was coming from

Putting up with stress and uncertainty of what we could do for guys like him

Listen to HIS story (in his own words)

Then finally he decided to book in for a chat to find out more and ended up investing in himself

A month later…

He was meeting the type of clientele he is interested in and growing on a systematic basis with the people he wants to work with.

And will continue to grow systematically month on month having installed our Ignition System in his business without paying for advertising!

Ron Jankowitz from RSJ

Jody's Story

Jody first came to us when she fully relied on REFERRALS. She was unable to find her value in the marketplace. Dealing with marketers giving her lots of fluff but no actual system

Putting up with trying to serve everybody and everyone

Listen to HER story (in her own words)

Then finally she decided to join our PROGRAM...

A month later…

She has quantitative numbers [no fluff] with her new client attraction MACHINE.

And now enjoys business development going on behind the scenes whilst feeling stoked about being her own BOSS!

Pat's Story

Lead generation is now organized & easy for my business!

John's Story

Anthony and his team are not just marketers. He is a systems guy as well as a high level Accounting professional. He really gets us!

A strong track record means everything when doing business with people you don't know yet.

Listen to John's story (in his own words)

Georgia Tax Center

Alexandra's Story

Alexandra wanted to see results in her business but was highly skeptical about:

• What value she would receive

• If our service is what she expected

• Could she trust our process

She booked in for a Demo to see what she could learn

• Very quickly she realized the investment was worth it completely

Here's a couple of things that really changed her life from working with us:

1) Qualified leads (near & far). As a 'Virtual CFO' firm you need to be 'in the market' for the best clients. We opened those doors for Alex

2) Calendar getting booked with Qualified leads really quickly which was HUGE

3) Finally a solid sales process that works. An all in one system to convert her busy calendar into high value clients

4) New visibility into what leads were coming. in, lead source (where did they come from), what stage of the funnel are the leads at, therefore how to follow up on them

5) Organized pipeline to easily train other staff up with business development and add much more value to her business

All of this combined create d a HUGE LIFT from what Alexandra was previously doing.

She ramped up by $20K MRR inside 5 months but more importantly, she has now found her Ignition to head for the moon.

Imagine trying to get there without killer marketing & sales skills --- you stand little chance!

Alex is a top client who highly recommends the same experience to others, especially if your hesitant as you will realize quickly we are woth it given how much we put into it.

PS. We are also real CFOs. This gives a massive competitive edge and enables higher results that a lot of the no nothing marketers out there who focus on the Accounting, Tax & Financial Services industry. 80-90% of what we do is on the knowledge side, not the shiny object or software side.

You'll realize that quickly if you work with us.

Scott's Story

Scott reached out to Ignition at the beginning of the year as frustration was mounting:

• reliant on his network which is unreliable and exhaustible

• no consistent lead generation solution

• scattered sales solution to convert leads to clients

• a marketing team not delivering

After engaging Ignition for 8 month he experienced:

• 10% increase in group revenues

• Profit went up by Double (due to acquiring higher calibre clients - not playing the volume game)

• 90% close rate on Qualified leads in the calendar

When asked how he found our training he said:

• He & his partners who went through our training experienced their best year ever

• Those partners who did not take the training did not get any results

This doesn't surprise Scoot and it doesn't surprise us either.

Hundreds of business owners have used our program. Those who experience the best results are those who complete the required training.

Scott is one of our largest clients, he has a very large team and many partners. He even manages an in house marketing team who have adapted our frameworks & systems. But he still made sure to go through every single module and exercise in our program. No surprises he gets the best results.

The point here is if you think you're too busy and don't have enough time, you're actually not too busy and do have time. That's if you truly want to catapult your business forward.

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Mayur's Story

Mayur had tried many other sales & marketing options out there but none of them took the collaborative approach with him which gets the results.

Our team is behind the scenes helping Mayur to pack his calendar with who he wants and we put him through his paces with our latest sales training to help him cruise on the upward curve.

To lear more go here:

Tim's Story

Tim reached out to Ignition as frustration was mounting with marketing folks:

• he was sick of the same stuff and the same outcome

• didn't want to run ads and get low quality at high cost

• no consistent lead generation solution

• scattered sales solution to convert leads to clients

• not able to accurately nail down growth forecasts with a timeline

After engaging Ignition he experienced:

• a ton of new clients in his target market

• a ton of new leads in his market and exactly who he was seeking

• a fast growing network list to establish plenty of authority with

When asked how he found our training he said:

• He knew right out the gate this was nothing like what he previously experienced

• we understood him, his business and how to get deals with his target market

Hundreds of business owners have used our program. We keep iterating it every month to make it more effective.

If you truly want to catapult your Accounting or Advisory business forward.

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Dominic's Story

Dominic runs a Virtual Advisory CPA firm out of Florida, USA.

He is highly competent in Accounting, controllership, acting as CFO & Strategic development.

Has a well trained team behind the scenes and they enjoy working with businesses with 30-60+ staff.

After partnering with Ignition and going through our process...

He new acquires these types of clients every 2 weeks and has never experienced this pace of growth before

Like many of our clients, Dominic has came from 'other programs' but said they are a very different experience.

We are real CFOs first here at Ignition and sales + marketing experts second.

Here's what Dominic learned with us:

- find your dream client who you don't mind spending time away from your family for

- develop your understanding of them and how you'l' help change their business life

- research and find the strongest needs + desires of your dream clients

- create the most important document in your business.. your utility stack.. to communicate your services to them & train your team internally

- create many different versions of this value prop, long form, short form, shiny objects etc.. all must tie back to your research + offering

- learn how to attach different media strategies on top of this to Ignite your business

Dominic thought he was really good at sales & marketing until he joined us. He has learned a lot about sophisticated selling in particular and the psychology that goes along with winning those larger deals.

At Ignition, we know too well how critical learning & innovation is to always be out in front with the best sales & marketing solution for the Accounting + Advisory industry.

Once the learning or product development stops, your business stops. We are privileged to pass our learnings onto our high calibre clients all year round.

Newsflash: If you think you're too busy and don't have enough time, you're actually not too busy and do have time.

That's if you truly want to catapult your Accounting or Advisory business forward.

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Tom's Story

From highly skeptical and concerned about a high investment to getting more leads that he can keep up with every week.

Douglas's Story

Coming soon...