About IgnitionSystems.io

Anthony is an entrepreneur from Ireland, who has worked and lived in Dublin, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York.

He trained as an Accountant with KPMG and Grant Thornton, then worked his way up to CFO level in various global marketing agencies across Australia, UK and USA.  

He combined his high level marketing and accounting experience to specialize in bringing advanced sales and online marketing to the Accounting profession.

Anthony now operates his own consultancy business out of New York and Dublin, helping Accounting professionals to install client attraction pipelines into their businesses and ultimately control their Income.

He has developed a proprietary organic infrastructure using cloud technology to automatically book appointments onto your calendar.

He is laser focussed on online conversion rates with ROI being the main dish.

Anthony comes from a family of Accountants and is immersed in the disruption that is shaking up the profession.

His vision is to be the vehicle that empowers Accountants to once again be recognized as the most important stakeholder in any organization.